ᑕ❶ᑐ A surprising reconciliation: Aulas reveals the secrets behind his alliance with Textor!

Jean-Michel Aulas was inspired to reconcile with John Textor. The former president of OL affirms that the relationship is now friendly.

In the summer of 2023, Jean-Michel Aulas received the money of 14.5 million euros in the accounts of OL by the commercial court of Lyon, which is a complicated part of the Mercato Rhodanien. The former president has since quashed his lawsuit and withdrawn his defamation complaint against John Textor. The two men are reconciled.

During an interview given to RMC SportJMA confirmed that he no longer held any grudges against the current owner of OL: “Today, we are in the aftermath. The fact that Laurent Prud’homme, the new general director, has arrived, brings much more constant relations. Relationships with John are forward-looking. We are of course thinking about what Olympique Lyonnais will be like tomorrow. And whenever I can help, I do. This is an assistant with important matches or a participant with decisions and thoughts about the environment »did he declare.

“I don’t spend time together on vacation overall, but…”

This also indicates that the collaborative work with America concerns the availability of OL: “Relationships are open, constructive and permeable, which allows you to volunteer for more, allowing Olympique Lyonnais to find its place again. This means that it is extremely difficult to build (Site notre bureau spécialisé) in the long term. But the risks of destruction and chaos are also great. Well, I don’t think we’re going on vacation together this summer, but if I were invited to Miami where he lives, I would happily accept. Especially since I have activities in other disciplines. He is someone who, I think, has also taken a step back from the situation in France”he added.

Surprisingly, the Lyon team is as good as ever since Jean-Michel Aulas and John Textor made peace. The Rhone club occupies 11th place in the Ligue 1 standings, 5 points behind big rival Marseillais…

Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER