Kylian Mbappé, a broken nose and a controversy

Kylian Mbappé had a difficult start to Euro 2024 this Monday evening with the Blues. Left the field with a new broken one, the tricolor captain and sparked a funny controversy.

The entry into contention of the Blues Euro 2024
will have left traces. Faced with rough Austrians,

The French won by the smallest of margins (1-0)
thanks to an own goal from Wöber in the first half (38e). A successful logic and attendance with the cash register to be deplored nevertheless in the French ranks.

Like Griezmann and Maignan, who suffered the full brunt of low blows distributed by Wöber and Baumgartner, Mbappé gave of himself in this part by colliding – literally – with Danso on a set piece. A head-to-head clash in the final moments of the match meant a premature exit for the captain of the Blues. Have a new broken one as a bonus.

Mbappé warned, Deschamps beside himself

This is a big black point for us. Kylian probably doesn’t have any money. It’s obviously annoying for the future « , says Deschamps, on TF1. The height of history for the French team, Mbappé issued a warning by returning to the pitch to stop the game in money time while the refereeing body had ignored the possible entry of Giroud as the replacement.

The yellow card shown to the future Merengue is logical and in accordance with the regulations, the negligence of the Spanish referee – Mr. Manzano – and his evaluators raises questions since the Austrians, at the precise moment when Giroud could enter the pitch of Düsseldorf, have themselves made a change. Incomprehensible. And scandalous in the eyes of the national coach.

Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER