Football: the Bézues-Bajon reserve misses out on the championship title

In this 3-way final for the D3 champion title, the failure of the same team against the solid Touget team destroyed the hopes of a second consecutive title and closed a great season for the group. In front of a large audience and in particular almost the entire group of seniors and young U17 licensees from Club Venus soaking up the atmosphere for the future, the team once again developed its values ​​of solidarity and Enthusiasm in this last act. After a successful start and despite Touget’s opening, the team’s momentum did not weaken and the center of the very active Charlie Lamarque found the main defender « yellow and black » for a penalty unstoppably transformed by Anthony Brune. But, an opposite scenario will take place 2 minutes later and puts Touget back in front. The second period was marked by the visitors by the battle of duels and intensity. The attempts of Dorian Karolczak-Zamprogno or Charlie Lamarque also know how to perpetuate the partition and enter into another issue. The 2 Tougétois goals at the end of the match will decide otherwise for Bézues-Bajon. The title is perfect for this year, which has other values ​​similar to the club in the tradition of the photo of the Astaraca family clothes: the integration of the U17 boys, the photo ‘Spirit of this season, the enthusiasm of the duo of coaches and the pleasure of this retro set.

Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER