Types of soccer kicks

Types of soccer kicks – All you need to know

Playing soccer means you are ready to take some of the most powerful shot you can ever imagine. Doing this means that you have to know different types of  kicks or shots to be fired, and not just the standard shots that is common around.

Staying glued to one type of soccer kick or shot only makes you have an option and does not give you the chance to try something different when you are in a tight situation. This is why it is good to learn different types of soccer kicks orvshot.

Learning different types of kicks or shots requires the player to have a good understanding of how to kick a soccer ball. This is a pre-requisite for maximizing the potential of the ball.

The first and most common type of shot is the standard shot. This is so because it’s the easiest to learn and the most used in the sport. Players are naturally accustomed to this type when they start learning the game.

This gives them an early awareness on how it’s being taken. To take a standard shot, the ball has to be hitting the leg at an angle very close to the knuckle of the big toe. This gives it the necessary impact needed to travel at the right and acceleration.

Another very good type of shot is the straight shot. This shot requires technique and it’s very effective whenever it’s used. Players of the game preferably use this when they are in a position whereby they can’t use the standard shot.

It is also useful for players when the angle they are is practically impossible to use the standard shot. This may occur when the opposition have close down the player and the angle is so tight. It gives the opportunity to keep the ball low.

This way, a more effective result is achieved with the angle of projection which is almost 180 degrees. The shot is also helpful when it is low as this will not be flying above the goal. To do a straight kick, come at the ball straight then kick it with the laces of your foot. Lock your ankle.

One of the first few things to learn when starting a professional career as a footballer is how to pass a ball. When learning this, it is key to know how to use inside of the foot. If this known, it will come handy while trying to play a shot.

A type of shot that requires this is the inside shot. The ferocity of one’s leg determine where best to use this type of shot. If the player has the power to shot from distance with his inside foot, then it is better.

To use this technique, the body is move in an outward way such that the hip shoot out so that the body is well placed to make a shot with the inside foot.

There are other types of shots to be learned but the three above are the most effective and the most used in the games. Other types like the Chip Shot, Bending Shot, Outside Shot and the Toe Shot are also used when need be.

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